Kensington Market 'Taste the world' Food Tour


Kensington Market
(exact location given upon booking)

  • Introduction to a variety of multi-cultural food stores
  • Samples from each location (enough for lunch)
  • Canadian dish with a twist custom-made for the tour (Tasty exclusive!)
  • Guided tour on the history of the neighbourhood, stores and food
  • Bring home a Toffle™, a new Toronto dessert only available on a Tasty Tour
  • Happy times for all!

Plus, free neighbourhood e-guide included with your ticket and exclusive use of our Food Concierge service

Group Size

Max 10, to ensure quality experience


Every Saturday, 10.30am - 1pm
Every Sunday, 10.30am - 1pm
(2.5 hours approx)


$59 adults
$45 kids (7-12 years inclusive)
Free for kids under 7!


Tasty Tours rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 355 TripAdvisor ratings.

This is the food tour for all you culinary adventurers! Take a trip around the world in one lunch as we sample a variety of cuisine from various cultures in the multi-cultural enclave of Kensington Market, including a stop in Chinatown. You'll get to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of this colourful neighbourhood as we chow down on sweet and savoury delights hailing from Chinese and Belgian kitchens, among others! Come with an appetite, as you'll have enough samples for lunch.

Plus, your experience includes a typical 'Canadian' dish with a custom Tasty Tours twist designed just for the tour.

At the end of the tour, leave with a Toffle™ aka Toronto Truffle, an exclusive new dessert invented by Tasty Tours. Inspired by the flavours of Toronto and Canada, the Toffle is a decadent cross between a maple butter tart and a chocolate truffle. You can only get this on a Tasty Tour!

"This tour was great! I am from the Toronto area but wanted a unique birthday gift for a friend. I googled and found this tour and the amount of great reviews was what sold me on it and I couldn't be happier! We had an absolutely great day. The food was AMAZING, it was a great mix of sweet and savoury and you learned about the area, the market, food origins, how they are made, about the restaurants and about the owners. I would recommend this tour to anyone and I would do it again! You get great portions and feel like you got what you paid for. Amazing tour!" - 5-star TripAdvisor Review

(All participants will receive a complimentary neighbourhood e-guide with their ticket, as well as access to our exclusive Food Concierge service)


More about Kensington Market and the tour

Tasty Tours was one of the first to offer food tours of the Kensington Market area, and we've been running tours in this neighbourhood for over 5 years now. Kensington Market and it's neighbouring Chinatown was a natural choice for us to choose for a food tour, as it truly reflects the spirit of Toronto as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Chinese, Mexican, name it, you can find it here. Kensington Market is an interesting area to visit because it has managed to retain its immigrant, working-class culture in the face of rampant gentrification. As you stroll down the streets of Kensington, you will notice that unlike most other neighbourhoods in Toronto, there is a surprising lack of large corporations in the neighbourhood.

That's because Kensington Market residents fight to keep the big box stores out, allowing small, locally-owned businesses to continue flourishing in this area. This is why the neighbourhood has such special character and soul.

Kensington Market was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 2006, and is widely considered to be one of the most photographed spots in Toronto, for good reason. Kensington Market is a colourful neighbourhood made up of small eateries, boutiques, produce shops and other local stores lining pedestrian-friendly narrow streets, with many buildings decorated with eminently photogenic graffiti. People who are new to the neighbourhood are sometimes a little confused when they first arrive, expecting a more traditional market like St Lawrence Market selling mostly fresh produce. The name Kensington Market is actually a throwback to its original roots as a Jewish market in the early 1900s, but it has since evolved over the years to become the neighbourhood that we now see, with a mix of ethnic eateries, produce shops, vintage stores and more.

Having visited all the stores in the neighbourhood over the years, we like to consider ourselves Kensington Market experts.

In our humble opinion, Kensington Market is THE place in Toronto to get a huge variety of authentic, affordable eats within walking distance of each other, and that is why it is one of our favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto. After countless hours of research (and a lot of eating!), we've hand-picked a variety of different stores that we feel best represent distinctive threads in the fabric that is Toronto's rich food culture, as well as a selection of stories about the neighbourhood, stores and food. We even worked with one of the stores to put a special twist on a Canadian dish, just for the tour! All of the stores and samples were tested by countless locals and tourists, and we've tweaked the tour over time to arrive at the perfect mix of variety, amount and deliciousness for the majority of our guests.

After the tour, you'll probably want to stick around the area. Shop at some of the vintage stores in the area, listen to some of the buskers in the area, or take selfies at the many graffiti murals in the neighbourhood. Feel free to ask your guide for more suggestions during the tour, as we would love to share more about one of our favourite spots in the city!

Whether a local or a tourist, Kensington Market is a unique and must-visit Toronto neighbourhood, and we guarantee you will eat or learn something new on this tour.


  • We are a food tour and not a historical tour.
  • It might be a little crowded in some of the smaller stores and on afternoon tours.
  • Tours run in all weather conditions short of life-threatening inclemency. Please always check the weather forecast beforehand and come prepared.
  • Bring an appetite and some extra cash if you'd like to buy more yummies.
  • If you enjoy the tour, please tip your tour guide to thank them for their hard work!

Walking Difficulty

Easy, 2 - 5min walk between stops. End point is a 1min walk from start point.

Dietary Restrictions

The tour can be made vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. Nut-free samples are available at all locations but may contain trace amounts of nuts. Other restrictions may be accommodated on a case by case basis. Please mention any dietary restrictions in the 'Dietary restrictions' field when booking a tour.

What stores will I visit on this tour?
We'd really rather surprise you, but if you insist, contact us. (stores subject to change at our discretion)

What will I eat on the tour?
It takes too much of the fun out of the tour to tell you everything you're eating, but if you really must know, contact us.

Where does the tour begin and end?
It begins and ends in the heart of Kensington Market on Augusta Ave. The start and end stops are right next to each other. You will receive the address of the starting point once you've signed up for the tour.

How do I get to Kensington? Is there parking?
Please refer to this useful resource on directions to Kensington Market by car and public transit. This website on free parking in Toronto may also be helpful, but we cannot comment on its reliability.

Are there any washrooms?
There are washrooms at multiple locations throughout the tour, including the start and end point. Your guide can direct you to the best option.