Valentine's Day Events

Thanks for celebrating Valentine's Day 2019 with us! See you again next year!


"[The] Valentine's Day Chocolate Dinner was the best time my partner and I had in 6 years. The venue was amazing, food was incredible, and the hosting was perfect...This will always be a special night for us." - 5* TripAdvisor Review


Valentine's Day Sweet & Savoury Food Tour


Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable with a one-of-a-kind food tour in Kensington Market. You’ll enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of this National Historic Site as you try a variety of sweet and savoury delights from around the world, ranging from Chinese snacks to Canadian delights. An edible walk to remember.

What to Expect

  • Guided walking tour on the history of the neighbourhood, food and more
  • Introduction to a variety of multi-cultural food stores in Kensington Market
  • Samples from each location
  • Includes a custom dish designed for the tour (Tasty exclusive!)
  • Bring home a Toffle™, a new Toronto dessert only available on a Tasty Tour

Walking Difficulty
Easy. Some narrow and crowded sidewalks, crossing some major roads. Max 5-min walk from store to store.

Dietary Restrictions
The tour can be made entirely vegetarian and can be partially vegan and gluten-free. Nut-free samples are available at all locations but may contain trace amounts of nuts. Other restrictions may be accommodated. Please list any food restrictions in the 'Dietary restrictions' field when booking a tour.


  • Our events are best for those seeking unique food and chocolate experiences, and not those looking to dine at upscale establishments
  • The end point is a 7min walk from the start point
  • It might be a little crowded in some of the smaller stores and during the afternoon
  • Bring water, an appetite and some extra cash if you'd like to buy more yummies
  • Check the weather forecast beforehand & wear comfy walking shoes
  • If you enjoy the tour, please consider leaving a tip for your tour guide to thank them for their good work!

Meeting Point
Livelihood Cafe, 254 Augusta Ave

$59 per person

Feb 10 (Sun), 10.30am - 1pm  



The Chocoholic's Dream Date - A 3 Course Valentine's Day Chocolate Dinner


If your sweetie is a chocoholic, this sumptuous 3-course chocolate dinner is the perfect Valentine’s Day experience. We've joined forces with unique non-profit Livelihood Cafe to treat your love to an exciting culinary journey exploring chocolate in a variety of forms and flavours. We’ll start with a guided tasting of artisan chocolates for your ‘appetizer’, follow up with a savoury chocolate-infused main dish (paired with a glass of bubbly), then cap off dessert with Tasty Tours’ exclusive butter tart-chocolate truffle invention, the Toffle™. You've never had a dinner like this!

What's on the Menu

  • Appetizer: Guided chocolate tasting consisting of 6 tasting bites of artisan chocolate
  • Main: 'Chocolate' chick pea curry with chicken and samosa, served with naan. Includes a side of cacao hummus and Fatoush salad
  • Dessert: The Toffle™, an exclusive Tasty Tours invention that combines the best parts of a chocolate truffle and butter tart
  • Enjoy a glass of bubbly

Additional non-alcoholic drinks may be purchased (e.g. tea, coffee) separately at the event venue.

Dietary Restrictions
Due to the complexity of this event, unfortunately the menu cannot be modified from the above prix fixe dinner.


  • This event is great for those interested in a unique culinary experience, and not those looking for fine dining
  • The emphasis for the chocolate tasting is on quality and not quantity, so look forward to trying a variety of small, high-quality samples that allow you to focus on flavour profiles

Livelihood Cafe, 254 Augusta Ave

$75 per person

Feb 14 (Thurs), 8pm - 10pm SOLD OUT!


Valentine's Day Chocolate Workshop


Champagne and chocolate, is there a better combination? Let romance bubble in the kitchen as award-winning chocolatier Odile from Odile Chocolat tantalizes your tastebuds with couverture chocolates and teaches you to roll your own champagne-infused chocolate truffles. Bring home your chocolate creations!

What to Expect

  • Taste and learn about couverture chocolates
  • Enjoy a chocolate truffle-making demonstration
  • Roll your own champagne-infused chocolate truffles
  • Take home your hand-made treats

Dietary Restrictions
The workshop is vegetarian and gluten-free. The chocolates are nut-free but may contain trace amounts of nuts as the workspace is not nut-free. Please list any food restrictions in the 'Dietary restrictions' field when booking a tour.


  • Bring an apron and comfortable shoes
  • Entry-level chococolate making workshop. This workshop will likely be too basic for those with some experience in making chocolates
  • This is primarily a standing-only class. Be prepared to be on your feet making magic in the kitchen!

Odile Chocolat, 829 Dundas St W

$49 per person

Feb 10 (Sun), 5pm - 6.30pm SOLD OUT!